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Structural Cell Biology of Reproduction

We focused on in situ assembly and functions of macromolecular complexes in reproductive biology.


Cryo-Electron Tomography
We draw inspiration from cell biology and AI-assisted modeling to tackle previously inaccessible problems.

Reproductive Biology at the Atomic Level
We combine chemical biology, biochemistry and structural biology approaches to study development biology in situ.

Biophysics of Cilia
We study the fundamental molecular mechanisms and engineering principles of ciliary motions. 

New Directions
We are excited to seize any opportunities if pushing the boundaries of in situ cryoET would make a difference in any biological questions.

Publications for more.

2024 Mar
2024 Feb
2024 Jan  

2023 Dec

2023 Oct

Julian was awarded the Caltech Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship! Congrats!
We just got funding support from the Caltech Center for Evolutionary Science.
We just got funding support from the Merkin Institute to develop AlphaFold2-assisted modeling.

Zhen started at Caltech officially!
Julian and Zhen started at Caltech as a postdoctoral fellow and a visiting associate.

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